Friday, September 17, 2010

FAIL and the meanderings

it's a shame, on how long it took to realize!
that when my hard drive crashed, so did all my stories!( yeah i just realized that, you can punch me in the arm later for that) a fuckin shame. i guess that's a lesson!
i should have been posting like i said i would, well shit! i'm sorry, very sorry. cause there was some good shit, that'll i never get back, good stuff you'll never hear.
that teach me! epic fail, and stupid meanderings

Saturday, March 27, 2010

tit mouse?

this lil guy had me flake on today's festival. ( sorry kittens) but when i got to dressin him up, I just couldn't stop. took me just over 3hrs to create! I even decorated the frame, i know the
picture doesn't show all the lil bling running down his spine, rough shot! but alas...... soon enough my art will be on display n sale at the Skull Club!

Friday, March 12, 2010

dont fret..... i have yet to pick through things to get this puppy started! "if ya do it, do to it right!" so until i post the stories i'll go with shits n giggles and have a lil fun! and why the fuck not!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

squatter mansion

I guess i'll start from the beginning on how this idea of mine came to light.
It all happened one night while sitting in a bar with friends and asking one of them on how they have been and what they did last night, supposedly she was fine, just hung over, from hanging out with her brother in the back of check points taking turns puking in the trash can laughing hysterically off of mdma! Well after that I dont know why I decided, but did start collecting stories! and have so with a digital recorder my lovely future ex husband promptly bought me. Ever since I have been harrassing the non innocents whilst bar hopping the quarter!
ah meh!
hiya, so I've started this to see how well my collective stories go over, before I take a step into making a book of them! I'd have to say the collection is New Orleans based, I've done this so everyone out of this pit we call home can see what truly resides and transpire here in one of the service industry capitals! and with these stories over time you get to start playing connect the dots with whom and connections with others whoms. the unfolding spiderweb. 1st to 2nd degree! ya heard me! Anywhom..... I've also wanted to have this blog to put in pictures of our daily life, and styles. From the crusties to the black lable to us bywater individuals, burlesque dames, to our very own circus circus, and musicians. Also use this blog for my very own shits n giggles, ie art work and other fun shit I encounter!
So lets get ready to rumble!