Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hiya, so I've started this to see how well my collective stories go over, before I take a step into making a book of them! I'd have to say the collection is New Orleans based, I've done this so everyone out of this pit we call home can see what truly resides and transpire here in one of the service industry capitals! and with these stories over time you get to start playing connect the dots with whom and connections with others whoms. the unfolding spiderweb. 1st to 2nd degree! ya heard me! Anywhom..... I've also wanted to have this blog to put in pictures of our daily life, and styles. From the crusties to the black lable to us bywater individuals, burlesque dames, to our very own circus circus, and musicians. Also use this blog for my very own shits n giggles, ie art work and other fun shit I encounter!
So lets get ready to rumble!

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  1. I would love a bedtime story please! LOve MOM